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Why should my organization consider outsourced accounting?

If you’re not an accountant, it’s time to stop struggling with issues and concepts that aren’t a part of your core business. Working with an expert on an outsourced basis can not only make your life easier, but bring visible improvements to your business.

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Employee Spotlight: Samantha Liau

A spotlight on Samantha C. Liau, CPA, Senior Audit Manager at Shea Labagh Dobberstein, as published in the firm’s May 2017 Employee Benefit Plans newsletter.

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Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – May 2017

Employees depend on plan sponsors to manage the plan in the best interest of all participants. A poorly designed investment menu can cripple participant outcomes and investment performance. Behavioral finance research suggests that participants are overwhelmed when offered too many investment options. The negative impacts of this are discussed on Page 3.

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