The SLD Difference


Shea Labagh Dobberstein is unique for the firm’s ability to offer the benefits associated with both large and small firms.

Large Firm Benefits

  • Access to global services
  • Deep expertise
  • Specialized resources

Small Firm Benefits

  • A responsive, efficient and tailored approach
  • A high ratio of employees to clients, and continuity of service

For over 75 years, SLD has worked with clients in the Bay Area across a multitude of industries. Many of the firm’s staff have decades of experience, exposure to national firms and cross-functional expertise. The firm remains large enough that practice specialists are accessible to provide advice on complex financial situations. SLD’s DFK International Alliance gives clients access to services nationally and around the world to help client businesses take advantage of opportunities in today’s global marketplace and grow.

SLD operates at a small enough size that there’s constant communication between practice areas. Low employee turnover means that clients deal with the same employees annually. This efficiency saves clients time and energy.

Stakeholders know that a “one size, fits all” approach does not always lead to the right solution. Instead, SLD staff help clients achieve their financial objectives by meeting with them throughout the year to discuss interim results, business trends and current developments. Services are tailored to client needs, all for a reasonable fee and representing a tremendous value for the client.