Electronics Distributor

The parent company, headquartered in Japan, is a global designer and manufacturer of electronic products with over 2,000 employees with annual sales of over 30 billion yen. It was formed 70 years ago and has since branched out throughout Asia, into North America and Europe. Industrial components and automation products are distributed by the United States subsidiary to original equipment manufacturers.


The subsidiary of a multi-national parent company was working with one of the Big 4, but not getting the service it needed. Lack of continuity had become an issue with the Big 4 as any attention was devoted to the parent company.

How did Shea Labagh Dobberstein (SLD) help?

The subsidiary company was working with one of the Big 4 and decided to drop their service provider completely after experiencing SLD’s dedicated professional service and its reputation for audit quality. SLD had the Japanese language capacity to communicate with the parent company on a quarterly basis, as well as the ability to deliver on cross-border, cross-functional transactions in a time-sensitive fashion. The subsidiary was so impressed with our close coordination with local management for their Employee Benefit Plan 401(k) Audit that we have since been engaged to handle all of their tax and audit work. SLD looks after its clients and offers the international scope of talent and know-how, continuity and good communication they value, all at a reasonable fee.