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Important news and advice for benefit plan sponsors.

Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – October 2017

Target-Date Funds (TDFs) have become the Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) of choice for most 401(k) plans. Read more about the positive impact that TDFs have had for participants, plan sponsors and DC plans in general…

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Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – May 2017

Employees depend on plan sponsors to manage the plan in the best interest of all participants. A poorly designed investment menu can cripple participant outcomes and investment performance. Behavioral finance research suggests that participants are overwhelmed when offered too many investment options. The negative impacts of this are discussed on Page 3.

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Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – July 2016

In previous articles, we have discussed the positive impact that 401(k) plan design features such as auto enrollment and auto escalation have had on both participation and savings rates. A less well-known and relatively new feature, auto portability, is the subject of this article. This feature not only makes it easy for both employees and plan sponsors to move retirement account balances when they change jobs, but can help increase overall retirement savings. Turn to Page 3 for more information about the potential of this feature and why you should be aware of it.

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Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – March 2016

Our last two newsletters featured articles about two common “auto” features used by defined contribution (DC) plans to improve participation and savings rates. Numerous studies have documented the positive impact these features have had. Beyond such auto features, there are a number of other practices that should be explored to help drive successful retirement outcomes. A plan’s approach to employer contributions, for instance, can be designed to maximize the employee’s contributions. Turn to Page 3 for a discussion of how this could be accomplished.

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Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – January 2016

Over the past thirty-plus years, defined contribution (DC) plans have become the primary means for the average worker to accumulate wealth to provide for a financially secure retirement. With longer life expectancies and increased health care costs, it is more important than ever for employees to adequately save for retirement. Accordingly, it is crucial that employees effectively utilize DC plans to achieve this objective. Unfortunately, several surveys and studies have concluded that this may not be happening.

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Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – August 2015

Welcome to the first issue of SLD’s Employee Benefit Plan newsletter providing important news and advice for benefit plan sponsors.

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