Distribution and Wholesale


For over 70 years, Shea Labagh Dobberstein has worked with closely-held companies in the distribution and wholesale industry to help their operations run more efficiently and profitably.

SLD has an established Distribution and Wholesale Services Group, which offers a full range of assurance, tax, business planning and management consulting services. Distribution and wholesale clients take advantage of the firm’s significant background and experience in their industry that adds value to their business. These clients appreciate the extra steps our staff members take to understand the multiple levels of their business operations and reduce their tax burden.

Distribution and wholesale clients are frequently involved with multi-site, multi-state and global operations. They require a CPA firm that will consider the varying aspects of their business and tax circumstances. As a member of DFK International, an organization which offers access to other firms globally, SLD can address regional concerns and be a conduit to assisting clients scale and fulfill their strategic needs.