With increasing fuel costs and competition, it is vital for logistics and transportation companies to reduce risk and grow their business. For over 70 years, Shea Labagh Dobberstein has worked with closely-held companies in the industry to plan for the future and keep their clients’ operations moving forward.

Logistics and transportation companies are subject to many external factors beyond their control. Changes in the industry can have far-reaching effects for all types of businesses. SLD professionals offer the experience and sound expertise to help clients in this space navigate their way to success amidst uncertainty regardless of what business phase they’re in.

Transportation and logistics clients are frequently involved with multi-site, multi-state and global operations. They require a CPA firm that will go the extra mile to consider the varying aspects of their business and tax circumstances. As a member of DFK International, an organization which offers access to other firms globally, SLD can address regional concerns and be a conduit to assisting clients scale and fulfill their strategic needs.