Nonprofits and their boards of today are placing increasing emphasis on enhancing operations, expecting their organizations to meet the same standards for efficiency and accountability as for-profit businesses. Shea Labagh Dobberstein works with management and boards of directors to fulfill their missions as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible, while uncovering areas for business process improvement.

Nonprofits have specialized financial needs that require focused service. SLD has been working with nonprofit organizations for over seventy years, and has established a large client base in this area. The firm understands the issues of this sector and is well-qualified to meet with boards of directors and management to answer questions about the efficiency of operations and the adequacy of financial controls.

Using statistical financial tools, SLD professionals can perform analyses that tell clients how they compare to similar nonprofits. They work with their clients to proactively identify areas for improvement, offer recommendations and develop plans. The firm’s staff also offers advice on the types of activities that could be subjected to unrelated business taxable income and on ways of lowering UBTI.

SLD performs regular annual audits, government-required OMBA-133 audits, and prepares annual 990 filings for the IRS. Whether helping an organization hire a controller, assisting in booking an unusual donation, advising on accounting procedures or helping to develop an innovative planning vehicle, SLD has the experience and expertise to meet its clients’ needs.