Apparel designer and manufacturer

One of the most iconic privately-held manufacturers of fine apparel with a rich heritage of craftsmanship stretching back over 50 years was experiencing a change of demand in the marketplace across its multiple locations. Today, this is one of the few companies in existence still involved in the entire apparel process, from conception of design, to sourcing materials, to manufacturing.


The company required complex tax advisory and audit support. Demanding quality and time-tested processes from themselves, they sought a CPA firm that would share these values and maintain confidentialitytopreserve their traditions. The company had been experiencing a decline in sales for its apparel line and needed a CPA firm that could add credibility to their financial statements so that they could obtain funding to execute a change in strategy and capture a more youthful, international market.

How did Shea Labagh Dobberstein (SLD) help?

The CFO had worked with SLD at a prior company and enlisted us to provide professional service at a reasonable fee. We delivered solid-quality financial statements that could be presented to get the loans essential to re-directing the business. SLD played an integral part in helping the apparel company implement their new strategy. Currently, we are working with the company to discuss how we can help them transition ownership in the most tax advantageous way.