Role: Senior Accountant

Describe yourself in 3 #Hashtags: #Cool #Calm #Collected

Fun fact: I love staying active, whether it’s playing golf or hiking. I received my first putter when I was three-years-old. In high school, I played three sports; the most unique of which was water polo.

Guilty pleasure: I like to watch the “Great British Bake Off” with my girlfriend. It’s gotten me into baking my own breads.

Best vacation: Last summer, I went on the most amazing trip around Europe – I visited Barcelona, the Amalfi coast, Rome, London, and Cambridge. Good food, great company, beautiful views, the best time!

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be? Would love to be a National Geographic photographer for a day.

What is one food you wish had zero calories? Bread. I love eating bread. Growing up my family use to call me ‘bread boy’ because of how much bread I would eat.


I started off as an intern at SLD and have had so much opportunity to grow here. The firm‘s depth of expertise in many different industries and service lines has allowed me to develop my own such knowledge at a much faster pace then I otherwise would have been able to at larger-scale firm. My superiors come from a wide range of backgrounds and I feel that on each engagement I have been a part of, my superiors are able to add value to both the client they are servicing and to the staff who work on the engagement.

– Christian Larsen