Role: Audit Staff Accountant⠀

Describe yourself in 3 #Hashtags: #CatLover, #SnowBoardBeginner, #NoMilkTeaNoLife⠀

Fun facts: ⠀
1. I have two cats, and really wanna adopt one more!⠀
2. I like preserved egg & pork congee, but never eat preserved egg by itself.⠀
3. I got a bicycle around two months ago, and ride it almost every Saturday from Walnut Creek to Dublin, but haven’t done it for a while due to the hazy air outside.⠀
4. Not a fan of soft drinks (especially Dr. Pepper).⠀

Guilty pleasure: Eat chips after a 60-minute workout.⠀

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day? I’d like to be my older cat to try to figure out why she doesn’t like the food I switched her to recently. ⠀

What is on your bucket list? Visit Japan after this pandemic and go skydiving in Hawaii.⠀