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Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – October 2017

Target-Date Funds (TDFs) have become the Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) of choice for most 401(k) plans. Read more about the positive impact that TDFs have had for participants, plan sponsors and DC plans in general…

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Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – May 2017

Employees depend on plan sponsors to manage the plan in the best interest of all participants. A poorly designed investment menu can cripple participant outcomes and investment performance. Behavioral finance research suggests that participants are overwhelmed when offered too many investment options. The negative impacts of this are discussed on Page 3.

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Real Estate Newsletter – March 2017

Over the past several months, Congress and the IRS promulgated tax provisions, extending tax savings opportunities that benefit real property owners and clarifying new rules regarding the Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Act (“FIRPTA”). Some of these provisions allow taxpayers to accelerate deductions or claim tax credits. In this newsletter, you will learn about some of the provisions affecting real property, as well as recent trends in multi-family housing within the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Restaurant Newsletter – Fall 2016

In this newsletter, discover the top three strategies that yield sales tax savings, and how significant savings can often be achieved by a simple inventory of assets.

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Real Estate Newsletter – July 2016

The real estate industry in the Bay Area continues its upward trend—although there is talk about a plateau being reached or at least being in sight. The increase in construction activity and valuations have been very strong. Only time will tell if the future holds a correction or merely a pause in the upward trajectory.

The main focus of this issue will be on depreciation. On Page 2, we discuss depreciation in the context of cost segregation—from the §1031 exchange vantage point and from a “repair vs. capitalize” vantage point. On Page 3, we explain the newly enacted PATH Act provisions as they affect the real estate industry. In combination, these articles explore the intersection of bonus depreciation with cost segregation and like-kind exchange (an exercise in three-dimensional chess).

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Employee Benefit Plan Newsletter – July 2016

In previous articles, we have discussed the positive impact that 401(k) plan design features such as auto enrollment and auto escalation have had on both participation and savings rates. A less well-known and relatively new feature, auto portability, is the subject of this article. This feature not only makes it easy for both employees and plan sponsors to move retirement account balances when they change jobs, but can help increase overall retirement savings. Turn to Page 3 for more information about the potential of this feature and why you should be aware of it.

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